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3-2-1/S (Special)

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3-2-1 Fire Retardant

Clear, fire retardant spray for use with upholstery, soft furnishings or paper-based materials. (PRODUCT 66)


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Product Description

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ENVIROGRAF® 3-2-1 (STANDARD) is an odourless, flame-retardant liquid. For use on many absorbent materials including curtains, carpets, polyurethane furniture, polystyrene, wallpaper, cardboard, upholstery, canvas, tents. clothing and dust sheets. and even some nylon materials. 3-2-1 standard can be dry-cleaned and is clear in colour.



  • For use on many absorbent materials including canvas, cardboard, clothing, curtains, carpets, dust sheets, polyurethane furniture, polystyrene, tents, upholstery, wallpaper, and even some nylon materials- Great during the festive period – can be used to protect both synthetic and living Christmas trees which are at high risk of fire due to heat from lights
  • Items treated with 3-2-1 can be dry cleaned as usual without impacting its effectiveness



Tested to BS5852 Parts 2 & 14 (1982) Cribs, Class 0/1, BS4790 (1987), BS5665 (1989), BS5852 (1990), BS5867 Part 2 (1980), EN597-1 (1995), BS5438 (1988), BS7175 (1989), BS6807 (1989), BS7177 (1989), BS6809 (1989), EN71 (1988 & 1994) and BS5865 (1989).

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First, spray a small sample of the material to ensure it is colour fast.

FURNITURE: Spray all the areas, which have foam underneath the material, so the material is absorbing the 321 liquid. Place the chair or settee on its back & spray all the underside material.  Place the furniture upright, spray the back, sides & front of the furniture, ensuring that the material is wet with 321 liquid. Should the seat cushions be removable, spray all material under seat cushions, ensuring that you get 321 down the gaps.  Should the seat cushions have a zip fastener, then unzip & spray 321 over the internal sponge material & all over the outer material, ensuring by pressing in with fingers, so that the sponge/polyurethane absorbs the 321.Re-spray areas such as the backs & arms of chairs, which have sponge foam underneath thematerial, & using fingers, pad or cloth, press the 321 through the material into the sponge.This procedure should also be carried out on the cushions that cannot be unzipped. Ensure that these sponge areas are well soaked. (Note – If the material is 60% polyester, do ensure that the foam areas are very well soaked). See below for leather & rexine covered furniture.

CURTAINS: If it is a single material & not lined curtains, spray while hanging, until the material is moist. Spraying only needs to be carried out on one side. For lined curtains, then both sides of the curtain must be sprayed. Apply to both sides equally for lined curtains.

CARPETS: Carpets can be sprayed while laid, if foam backed, then with a cloth or pad press into the carpet as you spray, to ensure that the 321 is absorbed into the backing.

BEDDING/MATTRESSES: If it is possible, take off the cover of the mattress, then spray into the foam; pressing 321 into the foam material with a cloth pad, ensuring that the foam absorbs all the 321 thoroughly, then spray the cover until it is completely wet. Should the cover not be removable, the spray over the cover, pressing the 321 into the foam until you feel it is totally absorbed.

SHEETS/BLANKETS/COVERS/ETC: These can be sprayed with 321/W & washed approximately five times, then re-treat by either re-spraying or dipping into the 321. Wring out into a bowl & replace residue into the bottle for when re-treatment is necessary.

LEATHER AND REXINE FURNITURE: With this type of covered furniture, the only way to treat the foam is to tip the chair on its back, take off the underneath material & spray 321 up inside the foam. With your fingers, ensure that the 321 is getting thoroughly absorbed into the foam.  For added safety in your kitchen, soak a tea towel in 321 & leave it near the cooking area, so that if you have a pan fire, the tea towel can be placed over to help put out the fire.  Guide to the amount of 321 required for curtains, bed covering, etc., 6-10 m² per litre. Foam filled furniture, approximately 5-7 m² per litre, according to the amount of polyurethane foam.

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Please use the links below to download relevant information as PDF documents:


Technical Information



Application Instructions





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1 litre bottle
2 litre bottle
2½ litre starter pack
3½ litre pack
5 litre bottle
25 litre tub

3-2-1 can be used to fireproof Christmas trees, but the trunk must be placed into sand or soil and fed with water.


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